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Soft Stretch Hood

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[VitaFlex Soft Stretch][1] Hood is the exclusive manufacturer to make nonwoven fabrics soft and stretchy, by using a unique technology globally co-patented.This enables the soft-stretch hoods to be form-fitting while maintaining their breathable barrier quality.To achieve barrier functionalities,the triple-layer structure of hoods is constructed with elastic fabrics each having distinct characteristics.This has revolutionized the manufacturing of low-cost safety products 100% made in the USA. **VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hood:** Securely covers the entire head and neck. Allows for freedom of head movement. Retains Its comfortable fit. Has a breathable triple-layer fiber-web structure. Effectively blocks airborne particles, powder, dust, sparks, and overspray of paint. Compatible with OSHA Requirements [1]: http://www.vitaflexusastore.com/

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